About Us

"Out of every dark moment, comes a glimmer of light...if you just look for it"
In 2020, I was doing like most., Sheltering In Place, listening to grime stories of the pandemic on the news and ordering "Door Dash".
So, I decided to put my energies to something positive and I opened a Online store.
Now, don't let any infomercial or Tik-Tok ad tell that this is something easy to do....It's Not. But if you stick to it, you might just be able to make a few bucks.
Nothing really major. But, at least, enough to take the family out to a nice outing...."What the Heck....let's try"
So, keeping it real, that's way it started. Now my goal is to fund a better life for those I love while at the same time finding GREAT DEALS for my clients :)